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A Golf Etiquette Guide For Beginning Players

Known as the “gentleman’s game” because of its strict adherence to tradition, golf is arguably the most polite sport on the planet. No matter their talent or experience level, players are expected to comport themselves with dignity and grace at all times. Those who do not are looked upon with disdain. With that in mind, here is our golf etiquette guide for beginning players.

Mind Your Manners

The first and most important rule new players should follow is to act in gentlemanly/womanly manner. Practice basic courtesy by saying, “please” and “thank you” whenever possible. If you should sneeze, say, “excuse me.” All of these little niceties show respect for your companions and the game. Of course, it is also important to respect the course. That means not spitting, littering, or harming the grounds in any way.

Don’t Be A Slow Poke

Even though there’s no time limit, golfers tend to resent players who take too much time. This is especially true if the party in question consistently holds others up because he isn’t ready when it’s his turn. As a beginner, it is important to be thoughtful and considerate of other people’s time because if you are not, you will quickly gain a bad reputation for it on the links. A simple tip in the golf etiquette guide for beginning players is to never look for a lost ball for more than five minutes.

Control Your Temper

Putting a tiny ball in a tiny hole on an enormous lawn might just be the greatest challenge in all of sports. It is no wonder beginners often lose their cool (and their clubs) when frustration gets the better of them. As a new golfer, you will undoubtedly make a lot of mistakes. But getting angry about them won’t help, it will merely ruin the experience for you and your companions. If you are having a bad game, remind yourself that it is only a game.

Dress Your Best

One of the simplest things you can do to show your respect for others and for the game is to dress in an appropriate manner. In most cases, that means wearing slacks and shirt with a collar. Your clothes needn’t be the sharpest in the clubhouse, but they should be clean, pressed, and nearly new. Although it is by no means required, many players choose to tuck their shirts in.

Turn Off Your Cell Phone

Nothing ruins a calm, relaxing, peaceful round of golf like the annoying, muffled ringing of cell phones in pockets. Even as a beginner, other players will be justifiably furious with you if your phone starts ringing in their backswing. Not only might the faux pas cause an argument, it will also hold up your game for several minutes. As a result, it is often best to either turn off your phone or leave it in your car. Honestly, the world can live without you for a few hours!

Use this golf etiquette guide for beginning players to make friends on your next trip to the course.

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